Question regarding Form Pro's sent email contents

Hi Adam

I have set up a form-pro form on my website (Search | Heppy's Golf Society) and configured it using a domain e-mail address using my host SMTP server and I receive the e-mail but I have a couple of questions.

  1. Should the Form-Pro e-mail show the questions on the form page or just the answers? Mine just shows the answers but teh receiver won’t know what the questions were.

  2. It doesn’t show all the fields either, all of the Text Area fields I entered don’t show on the e-mail I received.

I have attached a screenshot of the e-mail I receive.

Many Thanks

Hi @Tildster

The Form Pro documentation can answer this first one for you:

Include Field Names in Email
This allows you to include the unique field names from your form elements in the email that is sent.

It will not include the form labels, just the unique field names you’ve assigned each one. That said you could create unique field names that describe the field’s results (just don’t use spaces or special characters).

Field Name
This is a unique name used to identify this field. No two fields should ever have the same Field Name. Refrain from using special characters or spaces in your Field Name. Underscores are acceptable.

As for your second question:

Have you given each field a unique Field Name? If not, that is likely your problem.

Thanks Adam, I did watch the video but missed those two important parts :frowning:

The form and e-mail is now working after applying your suggestions!

Much Appreciated for your support (even replying on your Thanksgiving holiday)

Not a problem. Glad you got it all sorted out! Have a nice weekend ahead!

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