Question regarding the margins/container stack

Just wondering if it would be more efficient to have the margin and container stack combined? I find myself routinely using both stacks in the same instance…the margin to adjust the margins/padding and then the container stack to adjust the width of the targeted stacks.

Please excuse me for being naive - still new at foundry :slight_smile:

I suppose it depends on the level of detail needed but … the Container stack already has margin and padding settings available. It assumes you want the same margin/padding for all stacks within a particular Container, but that’s a fair enough assumption.

Are you looking for something different?

Thanks for your reply.

I guess I’m just wondering why the margins stack doesn’t have a width setting like the container stack does. And visa versa, how come the container stack doesn’t have the breakpoint margins/padding.

I can achieve what I want but have to to use 2 stacks (i.e. one for the width and one for the vertical margins/padding).

They’re designed to be modular elements – lightweight pieces that can function on their own, or together. You don’t always need both of them at the same time, so there’s no need to insert extra code. You’ll find yourself using Margins a lot in places where you don’t need any of the Container stacks controls. If they were combined you’d be inserting a lot of unused code.

Foundry tries to focus on having a lot of small pieces of the puzzle that work together to build out the bigger picture so-to-speak.

Sounds good. Thanks for the explanation