Questions about the “Seek” stack (and suggestions for alternate approaches)

First off: I’ll start by saying that Foundry has become my “go to” framework when creating sites—Thank you, Adam, for developing this, and stocking it with so many super-useful, flexible elements.

The most recent website I’ve built using Foundry is:

and I now want to add the ability for visitors to search for certified teachers—i.e., to display search results of a listing/directory of teachers, based on searches for location (city, state, country, zip/postal code), such as is implemented in:

I have tried using the “Seek” stack (part of the Foundry Potion Pack) for this, and have implemented it on the following test/staging site:

On that page, there are two Seek stacks (each in an accordion), but it appears that “Seek” looks/searches within all the items contained in all instances of Seek placed on a page, and not just from within the items placed within each Seek stack. For example, if you type in “vermont” into the second search field (the one for “Teachers Certified to Teach MBSR Live Online”), the results will show in the top search area (the one for “Teachers Certified to Teach MBSR Live”); is there a limit to having one Seek stack per page?

Also, I am open to suggestions for a better/more robust way to implement this capability, and welcome recommendations for the most appropriate stack(s) to use.

Thanks, everyone!

Good morning @jgarriz

Thanks for your kind words! Means a lot.

Seek is currently meant to be one instance per page. If you’d like to email me a copy of your project file I can use it as a test bed for a possible future update.

Thanks for the prompt response, Adam!

I’ve just sent an email (to the address that I had for you, from a few years back); it contains a link to a zip file containing the RW project file with the “Seek” stack implemented (on the “Find a Teacher” page).

Let me know if you received the email, or if there is another email address to which I should send the link to.

Thanks again, Adam!

Not a problem. It may be a while before I get to updating Potion Pack, but I will definitely have a look at this. I’ve already made a note for myself on Github about it.

Thanks! I did get it. I’ve set it aside for when I get to work on the stack.