Quiet, but busily working

Hey there everyone!

Just a quick update on things… I know I’ve been super quiet lately. This comes from having to just be heads down and working hard on making updates to themes to make sure EU users don’t have any problems when it comes to the GDPR.

This will consist of making sure that themes are loading local versions of fonts instead of calling on them from Google Fonts, as well as loading libraries like jQuery, FontAwesome, etc locally instead of from a CDN. Some of my themes already load some of these libraries locally, but others load them exclusively from outside CDNs in an effort to increase performance and what not. All this hard work will be to move all themes to loading these resources locally though.

I’m getting close to finished with the code updates themselves, just a few more themes to go. After the code modifications are all done I will then need to package up each one and put them onto the CartLoom server. Once I’ve done that I will work on getting the updated themes into users’ hands both through instructions here and on the blog on how you can manually get the updated themes as well as sending out updates if possible through the CartLoom service. This is still a little ways off though, so hang in there for a while. I just wanted to give everyone an update on why I’ve been a bit quiet lately.

That said I do have some cool new stuff in the works as well for Foundry so once I can get the large undertaking of theme updates done I can get back to working on new stuff once again!


Thanks for letting us know Adam, I understand it’s a lot of work.
Also we look forwards to the new Foundry stuff :smiley:, great!


Also to note – I will be updating the themes currently offered on the site (Elixir Themes) first. Any retired themes will be updated on a case-by-case basis. Themes like 3D, Adventure, Lime, Bold, etc that have been out of rotation for many years now won’t likely get updates unless they are needed. Those themes are all non-responsive and as I said much older themes though, so I don’t foresee a problem there.


Thanks for the update :slight_smile:
Such a rewarding & confidence building post to read. So pleased to see a developer extraordinaire take a moment to update the devoted followers. Big smile on my face:)


A huge THANK YOU, Adam :slight_smile:

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That are some very good news Adam. Thanks a lot!


Good news Adam and thanks for all the hard work!

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What is the status of Foundry regarding GDPR? Will this be updated or is it already?


Foundry is good to go as-is, no updates needed. All of the libraries are loaded via Stacks using your preference of how to load them, whether that be from a CDN or locally. Any non-stacks provided libraries are loaded locally already.

As for outside Fonts – you get the choice already as to whether you wish to use Google fonts or not. None are loaded unless you specify them to be loaded. I am in the early stages of some development of some local font handling, but I want to make it as easy as possible to use.

The Foundry Form needs a checkbox with a custom message area option for GDPR compliance.

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@elixirgraphics I just checked the Potion Pack Form and the checkbox needs an additional option to show as a requirement that the user must tick the checkbox to send the form. It also seems odd in the new age of GDPR that the spam check is the last thing before the send button. It would really be better if the checkbox (as an option) be the last thing before the Send button. In addition an extra link facility is really needed to provide a link to a Privacy Notice.

This is a good example of how GDPR compliant forms need to look and behave - https://rwextras.com/compactform/

So neither of the Foundry contact forms currently meet the GDPR requirement due to come into operation in 14 days time.

Potion Pack’s Form Pro allows you to make a checkbox a required field already. Here’s an example using the same exact text from your example link:

That form will not send unless that field is checked. So unless I am completely misunderstanding you, the Form Pro stack already allows this for Foundry.

As for the basic Form stack that comes with Foundry – I will take a look at adding something like this as an option for the stack. For now I do have 30+ themes I’m in the middle of updating for everyone, so when I get the opportunity I will take a look at this.


I ticked that option but when sending a form, it does not flag it as a required field if the checkbox is not checked by the user. Other incorrectly entered fields that don’t meet the validation, get a red X and an additional green message that explains the issue. Noting appears for the checkbox.

See - https://d.pr/i/bqgkrT

This sounds like room for improvement for the verification checker, if it supports it, but I’m not seeing how that goes against the Form Pro stack being compliant with GDPR rules. You still must agree to sending personal data by checking that checkbox or the form will not send.

If the form doesn’t send then how does the user know that they have to check the box? Worst case is they will give up trying to send the message. If a box needs ticking and the form doesn’t flag this up when it doesn’t happen, it is a big issue.

People are notorious for not reading everything, so if a form doesn’t send, the message needs to be flagged up in red just like the demo link I posted above.

An even worse scenario is that a user doesn’t check the tick box and clicks Send and then assumes that the form has been sent.

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I don‘t think so. None of my customers and Test persons ever complained and it was self explanatory that the box had to be checked.


All required fields in the Form Pro stack get marked with an asterisk, which is pretty standard on web forms.

That said you can also add a note stack to the page letting the user know what the asterisks indicate, or even add something like (required) to the end of the text for the check box:

That said, I mentioned above I’d look to see if the verification system supports checkboxes, and if not I will look at add something. None of this though makes the form non-GDPR compliant.

“None of this though makes the form non-GDPR compliant.”

I agree except the Foundry form doesn’t have any checkbox so that is not compliant.

However, by becoming compliant with GDPR in the Form Pro stack, there is an added potential for users not completing the form, giving up sending the form because there is no error message if they don’t tick the box and also clicking the button and thinking the form has sent because no error message came up.

By becoming compliant there is now a UI issue so I hope you can add an error message when you check. Thanks

Actually I would love to see an explanation for the Asterix, just to make it complete (has to be a free field for different languages). And might it be possible to add the choice of a field being required to each and every field?

My suggestion, as noted above in the thread, would be to add a Note stack to the page, probably below the form, letting the visitor know what the asterisk is all about and you can then do it in any language you like. :wink: