Rapidcartpro and Foundry

Hi new forum member here.
Before I buy Foundry I would like to know if Rapidcartpro shopping cart works with Foundry.
I know that rapidcartpro has stopped responding to support questions. I have a rapidcartpro on another site which works perfectly. I would like to redesign my website and Foundry seems a good way to go. Any info or comments would be welcome.

Hi there @Fronto – I don’t own or use RapidCart Pro so I can’t verify for you 100%, but I don’t see any reason it should not work within Foundry as long as RapidCart Pro is Stacks-based and works on Stacks pages.

I trialled it very briefly for a project that didn’t end up using it, and it seemed to work fine. I’d recommend keeping it as ‘stock’ as possible and limit your customizations if you can. Not because of anything related to Foundry mind you but just given the ‘support issues’ of late (which you obviously know about).

Depending on your needs, Ecwid can be an excellent free solution that integrates with stacks pages (if you use their snippets) and has good support and ongoing development.

@jabostick Thanks for your reply. I looked at Ecwid free solution and played around with it. I liked it but to get Stripe to work you have to upgrade to the next paid level.

@elixirgraphics Thanks for your reply I will probably give rapidcartpro a try as it was developed to work with Yourhead Stacks.

I have no Problems with RapidCart and Foundryon our Site Partyservice Hoppmann

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Hi@KaiHawaii Thanks for your reply. Nice Site BTW