RapidWeaver 8.3 & Foundry: Theme not installed; Solved

I just purchased Foundry and I’m using RW8.3. After installing foundry, I cannot find it’s “theme” in my theme drawer. Foundry, Potion Pack and Thunder Pack all installed into RW8.3 w/o a problem. I see all the foundry, potion and thunder pack stacks.

However, I cannot find the Foundry Theme.

Would you please help me install/find the Foundry Theme??

I’ve installed and reinstalled foundry several times as well as restarting RW8.3 several times, too.

Thx so much

----- update -----
I have also checked the “add ons” Preference
Under Themes, there are only 2 elixir themes:

  1. Tesla
  2. Voyager

---- FINAL. UPDATE. ------
Well, it was not totally obvious to me but, here is the solution:

  1. double click foundry to install it
  2. double click the “theme” to install it

Truly, it just wasn’t obvious to me.
So I left the problem for about 2 hours and then revisited it and voila !!! I saw the theme and double clicked it to install it.

Thx all,
Sorry for wasting your time

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Hi there @aragorn7773 and welcome to the community!

Glad you got it sorted out. In addition to the theme coming in the DMG file you get when you purchased Foundry, you can also download the theme itself from the Release Notes page if you happen to need it in the future.

Have fun building with Foundry!

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Thx for responding. You’ve got awesome products, the hard part is figuring out how to use them the right way hahaha

Don’t forget there are tons of videos for Foundry here:

And the Thunder & Potion packs each have their own videos as well…

Thunder: Learning Center: Foundry Tutorial Videos

Potion: Potion Pack of Addons for Foundry

To top it off there’s also tutorials for Alloy as well: Alloy Tutorials


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