Rapidweaver 8.8 and M1 and Foundry

If I update to Rapidweaver 8.8, do I need to worry about Foundry compatibility issues or is everything going to work as designed?
I’m using a MacBook Pro, M1 with all updated software.

Foundry is not a compiled executable. It is comprised of HTML, CSS, javascript and PHP. None of these compile for a specific computer processor. The things you need to work about are plugins, like Stacks, FormLoom, etc, which are page types inside of RapidWeaver. These are compiled executable files and must be compiled for specific processors.

I just wanted to be sure before I make the move to 8.8. I’ve moved all my sites to Foundry except one. I need more hours in my day. I’ll get to that one shortly.
Thanks for a great product,