Re-design using Foundry

##Seven Design Associates

Having built a few client sites with Foundry, I thought it was about time I updated my own. Hope you like.


Looks good.

I was reading a cookie notice that popped up but it disappeared before I made a choice. Also that message mentioned Google Analytics which many visitors may not know what it is and some may be scared off. Also your message mentioned that if you don’t accept cookies that some parts of the site might not work but it didn’t state what might not work. I am planning to remove Google Analytics on May 25 because I really don’t like Cookie Messages based on user feedback.

On a similar note, I didn’t see a Privacy Notice link so not sure if that’s planned.

Thanks for the feedback. Good points about cookies, really don’t want to be scaring off potential clients, but then without analytics how will you monitor what is and isnt working on your website?
Yes, privacy notice is in hand.

My hope is that GA will be updated to not use cookies or have some other implementation that will not require a scary warning.

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