Rebuilding an old site with Foundry

I’m going to be rebuilding a site that is currently using a regular RW theme (Mint from Elixir).
Is it best to create a new project in RW, set up Foundry, Control stack, etc and bring everything over page by page?
Or is it ok to go into the project as it currently is, change the theme and then reconfigure everything to go with Foundry? If I go straight over the top of the old theme in the current project, will it leave any traces of code/settings from the previous theme?

Hi James,

I’ve rebuilt some theme based sites in Foundry myself. In my opinion it’s best to start over from scratch. Old content can be copy/pasted into your new project. You may be tempted to refine your site layout as well (I was, result was better), but I’ve not seen your current site of coarse. It’s also an excellent exercise to get to know all the possibilities Foundry has to offer.

Good luck with it,



Thanks Hans,

It makes sense to do it that way. It’ll take more time but I think you’re right. It’ll also be easier to organise what i’m doing.

Thanks for you help

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Everyone is different, but my process fir a new site, whether copying content from an old project or starting afresh…

  1. Setup RW and add the homepage.
  2. Add some simple dummy containers/sections with sample text, images and buttons.
  3. Add the styles stacks and set them up as you want, using the dummy stuff added in point 2 to see how things look.
  4. Add the menu stacks and setup.
  5. Build out the footer.
  6. Turn the style stacks, menu and footer into partials.
  7. Add a big spacer between the header and footer section.
  8. Duplicate this page for the number of pages you need.
  9. Setup the menu with navigation to the new pages.
    10, Go back to the first page (homepage), remove the dummy content and now design and build out the homepage content sections.
  10. Build out the rest of the pages according.
  11. Perform full SEO on all pages.
  12. Final house-keeping on-site, including spell checking, etc.
  13. Publish.
  14. Have a beer or cup of tea.

@TemplateRepo , I love your process. Especially point 14 is very important. :grinning:




13 1/2. Write the invoice.


For me, that gets done at zero! I do nothing without payment in advance. I find this approach motivates the client to keep their end of the deal, producing content etc. Otherwise, things can drag on for months.


Following this order now. I’m on (5). Its helping. Thanks

It should even read:

  1. Have a beer or cup of tea - in between