Recent posts in footer partial not showing on all pages

I have used the recent posts stack in a footer partial on all pages and noticed that it’s only working on 2 pages: home and blog.
on all other pages it just shows the generic:
This is an example blog post to get you started instead of the real posts that should be listed there.
(in fact this example post isn’t even on the server!)

I tried clearing the alloy cache, deleting all website data for the domain in safari, un-partialed the footer stacks, copied the stack from a working page (e.g. home or blog) into all other pages, copied the alloy styles stack from a working page (e.g. home or blog) to all other pages, linked to blog page with full URL (https…) instead of choosing the page via the link menu within the recent posts stack –

nothing worked so far and I wonder If I have overseen something obvious…?

Maybe I should add the information that II recently moved the website on the Webserver from a directory named “/dev” to the “live” website.

Hi Papart,

did you place the Alloy Stack on every page?


Yes, I did.
(I need some more letters so: how is the weather today?)

you can examine the difference between home+blog vs all other pages here:

the recent posts stack is in the footer (“Neues im Blog”)

I can see that the 3 posts that are listed on home and blog are existing on the server while the example post is not.

I really don’t get the point why the recent posts are not visible on all pages…?!

I have no idea. I’ve never used Recent Posts on multiple pages myself. My guess is that the non working Recent Posts on your pages can’t communicate with your Blog for some reason.

Sorry, I can’t help you out with this one. Maybe Adam finds time to dig into this issue.


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@papart – Provide us a copy of your project file please.

Create a ZIP file containing your project file. This is the file you open in RapidWeaver to edit your site. After creating the ZIP file, upload it to a service like Dropbox, WeTransfer, Droplr, or a similar service to create download link for us. Paste that download link in your reply.

done. via direct message. hope that’s ok.

Sure, I’ll take a look as soon as I can. Just means others can’t lend a hand is all.

First thing I notice is you have your Alloy stack in a Partial. This is a no go. You can’t do that. Your Alloy stack is pointing to the posts folder (see below) but your blog posts are in the blogposts folder you point out in your screenshot.

You likely changed it to blogposts in one of those Alloy stacks and thought it propagated to the others, when Stacks did not actually do that (due to its weird quirk I talk about below).

Alloy uses a page-wide variable for your posts folder name (indicated by the colors background behind the field). These field types do not play well within Partials. It is a quirk of Stacks. You can read about it here:

You’ll need to first remove Alloy from the Partial on all pages, and then set the posts folder to the correct location in the Alloy stack. Then Republish All Files. Let me know how that goes.

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So, first of all: great support. thank you very much - the recent posts stack is working now as intended. thumbs up!

The quirky behaviour thing is brand new to me. And this is a really weird one…!

And after reading your blog post on that topic I have to point out that this advice:

If you make a change in the Alloy Control Center stack on one page you can simply copy and paste that stack on to the other pages where it exists in your project, or manually update the settings in those instances.

did NOT work for me!

If I a) change e.g. the folder names in an alloy stack and b) copy and paste this alloy stack into another page I notice c) that the the pasted alloy stack seems to “forget” about the new folder names on the page that I pasted the stack in… voodoo? black magic? It’s really a bit, well, straaaange…

anyway - I will keep in mid for the future to keep alloy on top of all other stacks on my page and never ever put it into a partial. thanks again for having a look into my file.

Did you do this with the non-Partial version?

yes. definitely!
I just tried it again and it did not work as you would expect…

I jus added some numbers to the folder name so that
blogposts turned into blogposts2 and blogimages became blogimages2
When I paste that alloy stack into another page, the folder names in the pasted stack revert to the original name (blogposts + blog images)

I recorded the behaviour but I am not allowed to upload mp4 here. so if you are interested and want to see it, please click here for the file:

Interesting. Something must have changed at some point with page-scoped variables.