Recent websites designed with Foundry

Here are a few websites I recently built with Foundry.

Guide for Inventors - A how-to guide for any inventor

Hairdresser’s Website - one page site

Website Design Portfolio - another one page site


I am really impressed with what an artist can do with the right tool. Foundry is the best. It’s a pleasure to browse your websites. Congratulations.

One very small detail: There is a typo in Guide for Investors. The correct name is Nikola Tesla. (The letters K and L are very close together on the keyboard). :smiley:


Thanks @peppermint. That is so much appreciated. Thank goodness you spotted the typo. I am living in the Balkans. I would never have heard the end of that mistake.


@Boray: In the Portfolio section of your Website Design Portfolio, to my eye, it might be better if the cards in each row were the same height. My two cents.

@YankeeLaker you are right. Thanks. I didn’t realise the boxes were out on some sizes of screens. It was caused by a bit too much text in a few of them. I have changed it now. I always have problems with that. I am sure I will never get everything right first time but its great having a community of users who always help and point things out.

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Or you could use the equalize stack for this?

Yes @Fuellemann good point, I could have used that but I didn’t think if it. I just removed the extra text this time. I will check it out for future use.

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