Recommended Parallax Stack

I’m looking for a parallax stack that works for Foundry. Anyone recommended?

Try the Foundry Backdrop stack.

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Thanks, but I was looking for a little more effects than just a locked background.

Go to do a search for parallax and you will see all the parallax stacks

Don’t know what effect you are looking for but onelittledesigner and shakingthehabitual have good stacks with several options

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Backdrop and Banner both offer more than simple locked backgrounds. Please be sure to read the Documentation for both the Backdrop and Banner stacks.

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This one can I recommend:


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Will Backdrop and Banner allow for a video playing in the background instead of a picture?

No, but the Cinema stack is designed specifically for this: Cinema Documentation

How would I incorporate the Cinema stack into a parallax layout?

Cinema does not support Parallax.