Recommended Stack to Overlay Active Points Over An Image?

Hello - I’ve been asked to add some active points to a map to enable visitors to click on the points to reveal some additional info. This may be in the the form of URL link, pop up window etc Bearing in mind that I want this stack to work alongside the Foundry framework, can anyone recommend a stack that offers this level of interactivity ? Has anyone used Joe Workmans Points 2 stack with Foundry - and how was it ? Thanks in advance. Justin :grinning:

Hi, you can check Reisen mit Hund. Rundreise Südengland for my usage of Points 2. I really liked to work with it. You have to get used to the workflow but the results are great.

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Take a look at either


You can try before purchasing

Another option

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Yet another possibility is Locator by Stacks4Stacks:

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@instacks updated Openstreet Map stack does what I think you want.


I have been using JW’s Points2 stack in tutorial pages. Here’s an example of how I use it.

Thanks @IdahoSAM Thats really useful. So just to confirm, you built this page in the Elixir Foundry, framework using JW Points 2 stack ? Can you tell me if the pop up windows displayed with these active points are pop up windows that are already bundled with JW Points 2 - or do I need to purchase these as an add on ?

Thanks @stackJunkie I wish I could ‘try before I buy’ with the Lasso Tips’ stack. Looking at the literature I’m not entirely sure how this stack works !!

Thanks @Fuellemann. Great site BTW. Other than the animated flashing feature can JW Points 2 do anything else ? Links to website, other rapidweaver pages , invoke other stacks ? Kind Regards | Justin

I use TopBox for this site, but I have used JW’s Expose stack. You will need any modal stack that you can link to to open. Unfortunately, I do not know of a way to activate the modals in Foundry, like those of other developers. Take a look at TopBox though. It will open PDF files without a stack, which I do a lot of. You can create groups of TopBoxes to link from one to another, etc.

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I’ve been using HotSpotPro for year and it works perfectly in Foundry.