Recreating some F2 stacks in F3

We have a small Swedish company designing and selling bespoke stainless steel worktops for private kitchens ( The website is rather technical and has more than 230 pages of information and is mainly built with Foundry. I bought Foundry 3 to test if I can build the same website in F3. I have had bad experiences when other software companies changed everything and the old software couldn’t be updated. After a while the old version was put in a backyard to die. After playing around with Foundry 3 for a while I have three questions, so far. We use the Sticky Content from stack F2 at the bottom in every page to make it easy customers to get in contact with us. In some long pages, on desktops, we use the Glide stack also from F2. See an example (Rostfria diskbänkar i alla former och mått | Neonela Kitchen). We also have a hidden page with the Seek stack that is absolutely essential for finding the correct customer reference when talking to customers on phone. I know I can’t add these stacks to F3 but can all or some of them be recreated in F3?

Have a look at the Pin tool. Similar to Sticky Content from Foundry 2. Has a slightly different feature set.

Something similar is in the works for Foundry 3.

Something like Seek, as well as Sort, are not currently actively in development for Foundry 3. You might want to look on the RapidWeaver marketplace to see if someone offers a similar tool to what you need.

Will you still fix bugs in F2? And if so for how long? Have you any idea when a replacement for Glide will be available?

Yes. Anything that is a show stopper would be fixed. That said, Foundry 2 is pretty darn solid and hasn’t needed a big bug fix in quite some time.

I don’t have an exact period of time in mind. The uptake in upgrade purchases show a heavy interest in Foundry 3 though, so it might be moot as many people have been upgrading to v3.

It should be in an upcoming release within the next month or so. Depends on how testing goes of course. I make not promises on release dates because things have a way of changing.

Thanks a lot. I have found a replacement for SEEK so now I just wait for the update before starting the migration of all 233 pages to F3. Glad I didn’t have to change framework.