Redirect From Completed Form Pro Page To A 'Thank You' Page

Hello Everyone - Apologies if this has already been covered before, but is there an easy way to redirect a user form a completed Foundry Form Pro page to a ‘Thank You’ page on the same website ? Kind Regards | Justin

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That is not something the form is designed to do. It would require reworking the way the stack functions.

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly @elixirgraphics. If it is possible for the next update it is a feature request from me #merryxmas. Kind Regards | Justin

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It isn’t a possibility. It would mean rewriting the stack in a way that would cause problems for people’s current instances of the stack. So that won’t be something coming to the stack. Sorry.

Hi @elixirgraphics . That is a shame. Could I instead request that a URL link option be included in the ‘Success Message’ Text box in Form Pro ? Giving users the chance to click on a live link for more info ? Kind Regards | Justin


You can already add a custom success message with Form Pro, you just need to add a link of your own within the message field. Something like this should work:

Your message has been successfully sent! <a href="">More Info</a>.