Ref Tagger & Alloy

Having a bit of an issue with Alloy displaying a ref tagger inline with blog posts. Javascript is in site-wide code and works throughout the site, but for some reason not on Alloy.

Any thoughts Adam, others?


Site: Calvary Austin | Blog
Psalm 133 in first paragraph should be “tagged”.

To see how it should work, view this page:

Ref Tagger site for reference:

Honestly this is probably going to be one to direct at the developer of the RefTagger tool. I do see you have a javascript warning on that page from RefTagger, but I’m unsure if that is causing your problems or not as I also see it on other pages as well, and you state it works on other pages.

You’re currently loading your custom javascript in the HEAD of the document. Have you tried having it loaded just above the closing </body> tag instead?

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Thanks Adam,
I feel dumb, but the reason it wasn’t showing up was because I didn’t referent a specific verse. The tagger only work when adding book/chapter/verse, not just book/chapter (logical).

Also, the script is in site-wide code Javascript, so not sure why it would be appearing in the header. Sitewide JS should be appearing before the closing body tag. :man_shrugging:

Thanks again,

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Glad you got it sorted out.