Relinking branding in Foundry

Hi it possible to relink the branding logo and name (that I have inserted at the top with navigation) to another page or URL? It seems to automatically jump to the home page of another website I am working on that for the moment is named the same. or turn it off entirely? Im quite new at Rapid Weaver.

Hi there @LCharak – The link is taken from your General settings in RapidWeaver, here:

It is likely that you have this still set to your other site’s URL instead of your current project’s URL.

Thanks for this. I checked the link as you suggested and I did have it entered correctly. I think I may have to somehow rename the website that is online now as it is meant to be a secondary website to the one I’m working on (they are named the same at the moment and RW wants to go to that initial site). Unfortunately, I don’t have access to those working files anymore so I’ll probably have to rebuild. Sounds like more work and it sucks cus the old site works just fine as is. Sound confusing?
Thanks again

Yes. Completely confused.

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Thanks for your help. I have figured out a workaround. it means rebuilding the old site but that’s for the best - now it’s responsive. yeah!

Cool! That is good to hear @LCharak!