Remote image from Resources Folder

Hi Adam,
I like to use the RapidWeaver resources folder to place some images I use in several pages and I experiment different behaviours using foundry stacks.

So I choose Image Type : Remote and I select an image in the Resources folder.
_ With all stacks I tested, I have no preview on the page in Edit mode, may be a limitation of RapidWeaver.
_ In preview mode : Image, Gallery, Hover Images stacks works fine but when I want to use my remote image as background in Background, Jumbotron or Banner Stacks no images is shown.
May be a simple path error.


It is related to the Stacks / RapidWeaver APIs and how Resources are used in conjunction with paths within CSS files. I’ve reported this to @isaiah and believe I’ve also files a report with him.

Thanks ! and un grand Bravo pour Flux.

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Thanks for the kind words. :slight_smile: