Remove Hamburger Icon?

Is there a way to remove the Hamburger Icon from a site? I created a one-page site and would like to see it removed when I look from a mobile device.

Nice job on the site.
Why have a Navbar on a one-pager? Maybe you could refactor without it?

Adding this CSS should remove the NavIcon:-

i.fa.fa-bars {
    display: none;

Apologies if there is a UI way to do the same (I just could not spot it).

If you wanted to lift the header text in the banner just a tad, you could also add:-

.page-header h2 {
    text-shadow: 2px 2px 4px #000;

The only part of the one pager that might be bettered is the grey band just above the map, for some reason, to my eye it struck me that this band should either have something in it, or not be there. BUT this is very much just a personal opinion and isn’t worth a thing.

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Thank you.

LMAO. You know you’re working too many hours when you add a navigation bar only try and figure out how to remove it. Thank you.


Site is looking good. Everyone has one of those days. Think I might be having one, too. :wink:

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