Replicating TopBar Drop Zone

I want to add a button to the end of the nav bar on my play site, a la TopBar Dropzone style.

Anyone come up with a good mobile working solution?

Obviously, I’m approaching this with my Foundation head on, so am more than open to alternative “Foundry” ideas to achieve a similar look.

Play site: Home | Bike Box


Steve: Probably the best way to do this is via the Mega Menu. It’s very flexible. It’s a manually curated navigation stack. It also provides a very easy way to place a button in the navigation area (left or right).

I’m assuming you want something like I’ve done in the screenshot below. If I’m misunderstanding then perhaps give an example. Mega Menu is in the Potion Pack, is very flexible, and is a delight to work with.

Nope, that’s exactly what I’m after. Mega menu. Brill, ta.

Was looking for a way to use the nav bar to emphasise the page your on, so looks like that’ll kill two birds.


Oh hell, to use the active page indicator I’m gonna have to have an individual mega menu on each page, edited individually every time a page is added or name changed! PITA!

Any other way to do it?

There’s a setting in Mega Menu to ‘Auto Detect Active Page’. Have you tried using that?


Star! Sorry, didn’t spot it, running on empty now, need some sleep.

Thanks again chaps.

There’s not need to have to update the Mega Menu on each page. Use the feature @habitualshaker mentioned as well as insert the Mega Menu into a partial. There are tutorial videos for Mega Menu and many of the other stacks, both in Potion Pack and Foundry itself.

The Foundry tutorials are on this page, with a link to the addon pack, Potion’s videos at the bottom.

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Ya already got the header in a partial. All sorted now.

I know, I should have checked the videos and stuff before asking, but I’ve been trying to stop work on this for two hours now and failing as I keep finding new bits to play with. So, what I mean is, I’m asking here cus I’m being lazy :wink:

Anyway, thanks for all the help today folks. In between forced DIY, entertaining family members and eating & drinking I’ve ended up with something workable. Might even end up using it :slight_smile:

Cheers all. No more questions today, honest.