Resizing Images for Display - and other stacks

I love using Display stack but the prospect of resizing images to keep them uniform in Display toppers on the one page was pretty daunting.
Then I discovered that in Resources you can edit images in Preview to make them all the same height. It means deleting the existing topper image and drag and dropping the resized image from Resources again but it sure beats any alternatives I’ve come upon with.
Thought I’d mention it in case anyone else is facing the same aggravation.

I do understand what you are saying, processing images for the web can be a PITA. But, it’s a crucial aspect to web design. It’s just one of those things that has to be done.

I’ ve never used Preview to resize images, but my understanding is all it’ll do is resize, not crop. And to get lots of images all neatly lined up you may need to crop them, as well as resize.

Also, I’ve no idea what Preview is like with compression, but as well as resizing and cropping images it’s vital that you compress them to a suitable kb weight/size, so as to ensure your webpage doesn’t take too long to load.

Images on web pages are where many users fall over, but it’s the biggest aspect that can make or break a site in terms of useability and even SEO.

Good image apps can often batch process them, meaning you can fire a folder of images at the app, give it the settings you want, then let it fly away doing the processing in the background as you make a nice cup of tea.

Such apps are worth the investment in money and time.

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Thanks for the feedback. I agree with everything you say. I certainly optimise images and use Pixelmator for image editing and Photoscape for batch resizing.
It’s just that with site images and resources in RW there’s any easy way to resize images for a particular situation, and I was particularly thinking of topper images in Display stack

There are several free apps you can use but look into SQUASH by Realmac, I love this product. Try it free
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