Resizing images in Alloy

Hi, I have tried different markdown code to resize the image within the blog and none have worked. And help!


Hi there @pat – Markdown doesn’t handle image sizing. You should be sizing your images in image editing software before uploading them. This also allows you to compress your images using something like or ImageOptim. This is true of all images for your site, not just within Alloy.

@pat What are you trying to achieve? Beyond what Adam wrote … do you want the image to take up 100% of the width? Or less? Or something else? It’s hard to know from your post what’s the real problem and real goal. Let us know more.

Hi it takes up 100% of the width.

Hi it takes up 100% of the width and I want the client, not me to be able to size his image. I have lots of software to resize and compress but was hoping a simple markdown code would let the client resize it easily.

Okay, I’m still a bit confused. If I understand you correctly the resizing needs to take place before using Alloy. I’d point them towards something like TinyPng to compress their files (although I don’t think it will resize their dimensions).

If you want clients to post images that do not take up 100% of the width then that’s another issue. It can be done but it involves using HTML. Essentially the HTML would look something like this:

<img src="fullURLhere" alt="text description" width="80%" />

Notice you can change the width to whatever you want in terms of percentages. My guess is this is NOT what you want, and asking clients to use HTML can be tricky except with onlya small number of savvier clients.

Hi, thanks for your help as I was trying a lot of different markdown codes but none worked. It was just a hope. The client is not too bad so I’ll just say he needs to size before posting. Thank you

Also to note – while this will work to have less wide images:

…it will not float the image to the left- or right-hand side of the content and wrap text around it. That is a whole other set of CSS you’d need to get into as well.

Thanks for all the help. It’s not a big issue and the client is happy to resize.

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Sorry new question can Alloy take in video?

You can use video embeds like YouTube or Vimeo by pasting the embed code into your blog post, but Alloy does not let you upload videos. It would need a whole backend for processing the video uploads into various formats for various devices and formats, etc.

Embeds save you the processing and bandwidth anyway, so that’s a better option IMO.