Responsive off-canvas vertical navigation

Greeting Community!

The vertical stack is pretty close to what I am looking for however I need it to be responsive, working as an off-canvas menu when on smaller screens. Suggestions?

I thought about Side Slide but I don’t see where I can leave that open on larger screens. Suggestions?


Hi there @Flash – When you refer to the “vertical stack” I suspect you mean the Vertical Navigation stack that comes with the Potion Pack? If so it is responsive, like all stacks in Foundry and Potion Pack.

If you need an “off canvas” navigation check out the Slide Navigation that comes with Foundry or take a look at the Side Navigation that is a part of the Potion Pack. These will not however be in the “open” state at the tablet and desktop breakpoints – they are always in the closed state until accessed.

Thanks Adam, yay that’s not going to work. Need open state on large screens. Other ideas? Feature request!

There’s not something like that in Foundry at this time. If you send me an email detailing exactly what you’re thinking I can see about possibly adding something like that in a future update. (adam at elixirgraphics dot com)