Retrieve Purchases

I had some computer problems and lost all the purchases I had made. The other issue is that the email address I made those purchases under I had to shutdown due to a lot of SPAM that I couldn’t get rid of. How can I retrieve my purchases that were made under an old email address.

The order lookup system uses your email address for resending download links. While this isn’t a replacement for backing up purchases it can help get you out of a jam sometimes. The order lookup link can be found on the main Elixir site on the support page as well as the Foundry documentation page.

I know you’ve said you don’t have access to that email account any longer but I wanted to share the above links for anyone who comes across this post in the future.

Since you don’t have access to your old email address I’ll need you to send me an email to verify your purchase and so I can lookup your your order. Send an email to me at adam at elixirgraphics dot com and provide your old email address as well as the new email address.

Thanks for the reply, I sent you an email with my old address and my new Hide My Email address.

Your hide my email address is ok to use but know that if you disable that address you will once again lose access to order lookups. Let me know if you still want to go that route.


Yes, that’s ok, use my hide my email address.

Okie dokie. Updated all of your orders from the provided email to your new one manually. You can now use the order lookup tool to retrieve those purchases.

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