Reveal not animating


Perhaps someone has a suggestion. I am trying out reveal, but cannot get the animation effect when I load the page in preview. This also occurs with Adam’s timeline stack. Wondering if there is a setting I threw off or something, as it was working last week.

Additional information: RW 7.5.6
Animation for timeline works in Adam’s Abstract theme. So, it seems to be specific to Foundry. As usual, there is probably something obvious I am missing

Any help would be appreciated

Hey there @diversity – Can you send me a ZIP file containing your project file? If I have that waiting for me when I get into the office I can give it a look right away.


Sent the file back channel to you. Let me know if you need more
Many thanks

Hey there @diversity – I’m not seeing the project file, however you sent it. Nothing in email or direct messages. If you sent it via email and the file was large it may not have made it. Best way to send it is via Dropbox or a similar service.

Hey there @diversity! Got your project file and opened it up. Noticed you are previewing using the iPad view in the preview window in RW 7. This makes RW simulate the “user agent” for the view. Basically this make the site think you’re actually looking at it on an iPad – and Reveal automatically disables animations at the Tablet and Mobile breakpoints.

Switch the preview drop down back to Full Width and your animations will start showing again.


Wow. Yes. It works .
You can use me for a marketing slogan: “Even this guy can build a site in Foundry”. I will gift it to you.

Many thanks as always

LOL. Too funny! Honestly, it isn’t the first time that’s tripped someone up. Glad I could sort it out for you.