RSS Feed Tool Color Changes

Is there a way to get the RSS Feed tool to apply a custom LINK color to the link decoration as well? Changing the color does not appear to affect the decoration.

Additionally, is there a way of turning OFF the decoration?

I have tried doing this with a Blacksmith class, but it does not work.

I found an old thread about this tool, and in there, it said it should only be used on the blog page, but the video shows it being placed in a footer. Is that only the footer on the blog page or a global footer?

Not from within Alloy. Foundry 3 now has a separate setting for text decoration color in the Control Center. Something Foundry 2 did not have. Thus Alloy did not need such a setting.

You’d need to share your project for us to help troubleshoot your Blacksmith stylesheet.

Not sure which post you’re referring to be, to be honest the RSS tool in Alloy just makes a link to the rss.xml file in the Blog’s folder. You can link to that yourself in anyway you like, using any link, button, etc. That’s all it does.