Rustic Theme and Foundry

I am using the Rustic Theme on a page and I’ve added Foundry to a page so that I can use the Foundry Image slider. However, the Foundry causes the theme contact to shift to the left and not centered like the Rustic Theme. Not sure how to fix the issue.

Foundry is not meant to be used within themes. Foundry is for building pages from the ground up within the blank Foundry theme that comes with your purchase of Foundry. Other themes will be incompatible with Foundry. Foundry is a full framework under the hood and is meant only to be used with its own blank theme purposefully.

Thank you for the reply Adam. I will purchase the Orbit stack and use it with the Rustic theme for the image slider. I believe that stack will work with the Rustic theme.

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Yes. Orbit works fine with the Rustic theme.