RWML multilingual

I’ve been using the RWML stacks to relatively successfully build a multilingual website for my small business.

I was finding the basic stacks a bit restricting though, so purchased Foundry to get a ‘blank canvas’. Problem is it’s a bit too blank🤣 - for example my lovingly crafted bilingual navigation tabs have disappeared.

Does anyone know if it’s actually possible to use RWML and Foundry together? Really want to use the software but being bilingual is vitally important to my translation business.

Thanks in advance

Hi mickwarr,

just signed in to this community, so I may be a little late to answer your question. I’m using Foundry with RWML stacks to build 3 language sites. Works perfect for me. I recently purchased Foundry, Potion and Thunder and I’m still a bit in the learning process, but still… works great.



Any chance you could share a link to your multi-lingual sites? I may have to build one soon and would be interested to see examples of RWML and Foundry working together. Thanks!

Hi Rob, here’s a link: I’m building another one in Foundry (3 languages but under construction. I think the menu works already in translations, text however is not complete). Currently off line, but I’ll put it online again in a minute:

Feedback is always welcome

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Got a site as well built with Foundry and RWML


Nice one. Thanks for sharing.

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Deutsche Gründlichkeit :wink: Clean and sober. Did you use True Download Stack for your downloadables?

Sorry for the delay…

Sieht man das wirklich soooo deutlich mit der Deutschen Gründlichkeit? Is ja schlimm :wink:
Die downloadables sind das Linked List Stack aus Foundry.

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