Same image on different pages appears a different colour

I’m building a small 5 page site for a product I’m launching soon with RW8 & Foundry.
I have one particular image that I am using on two different pages. On the first page it is placed as a backdrop image, the second page it’s placed as a jumbotron image. The backdrop image has a yellow cast whilst the jumbotron image has a grey cast.

Can anyone explain why and how to get around this?

Many thanks in advance.

Have you got different overlay colours set?


Thanks @jacksona!
One of those instances where you look for so long and miss the obvious. :roll_eyes:
Yep, there was a yellow overlay on the backdrop image. Funny though, why there is no overlay ability on the jumbotron. Oh well.

Thanks once more, much appreciated.


We’ve all done it (and still frequently do!) :grinning:

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