Same nav bar on all pages

Sorry if this is a newbie question - is there a way to have the same nav bar pro appear on all my website pages? Right now I have just copied and pasted the same nav bar pro stack on all pages, but as the site becomes bigger doing so is somewhat inconvenient. Especially when I want to make an update, I have to go make that update to the nav bar on each page. Any tips would be appreciated!

Hi Hiaarit, welcome.
Make your homepage nav bar into a partial. You can then place this partial on all of the pages in your website. Whenever you change the partial all of your pages will automatically updated.
Same goes for your footers.




Partials in Stacks v4 work the same as v3. Here’s a video showing how they work:

There is also info in the documentation of v3.


This is super helpful - thank you so much!

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