School Registration Stack

A bit of context first -

I am already using Cartloom and have an online “store” accepting donations and simple registrations for charitable events.

I am now looking for a Foundry/Stacks based solution to allow the registration of students to a religious education program. There is a lot of data to be captured - for example, student name, school, address, names of parents, birthdate, etc. - and I am finding Cartloom a bit cumbersome for the task. I also need to allow for payment of the annual fee online.

Does anyone have any suggestions that might address this need. Seem like a combination of Forms coupled with a payment option.

Thanks all around.


I’m not versed in it but I think Sitelok could be what you’re looking for.

There is a set of stacks that helps with integration of sitelok, but they aren’t required.

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I do something very similar for a Real Estate Association’s website. We use FormStack for this and redirect to a payment page to finalize payments. My client can compare the FormStack spreadsheet of registrants and their eCommerce reports to determine if every registrant paid.


Or you can use Siphon from OneLittleDesigner to gather the data in a really nice way and again link to a payment site afterwards…

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Thanks for the ideas. Sitilok also has great potential although I may need some help integrating in to my RW project. I am aware of Joe Workman’s stack for Sitelok which would be an obvious part of the solution.

I’ve looked at Siphon. Pretty neat. I am wondering how to integrate with a payment site at the end of the process.


Let us know if you figure that out. I just checked out Siphon and was impressed, but would want to know how to integrate it with our CRM, and/or a payments processor, etc.

I found Sitelok a bit intimidating at first as well but the owner is familiar with Rapidweaver (and has RW-specific instructions) and provides good support. If you can get your head around it - there are some other benefits (you can integrate Paypal into it, vs redirecting them to a payment page), you can email the users (or groups of users), edit/manage the form outside of RW (once it is set up), etc

However, It is definitely more technical than what most of us are used to with Stacks…

I can’t recall if Siphon allows you to put any stack you want into the drop areas. If it does, once the form is completed, you could redirect them to a payment page (or potentially have a Stripe/Paypal button on the form itself).

Another option is FormsPlus by Chillidog. If you have a lot of info to collect, it is laid out nicely. Similar to Siphon, you could redirect them to a payment page or include a button on the form potentially…

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Hi John,

For years I have been using From Snap to collect registration information

And PaySnap on the payment page once the registration has been submitted.

Of course, this model allows a user to register without paying and to ensure the user understands that the registration will not be completed until we have received payment or arrangements, when the site loads the payment page, a modal dialog pops up with this warning with only one button, “I Understand”.

Had not seen Syphon before, that is a slick option too. Will have to check that out.