Screen viewing size vs type size

I’ve got my new site header the way I want it and enough content to start optimizing breakpoints, but I’m confused about the correct steps.

  1. At the smaller break points (mobile) the header text is a little too large.
  2. At the larger break points (MacBookPro16) the header text and content text are way too small.
  3. I have everything inside of a “space,” using the defaults settings.
  4. I see the site breakpoints inside of the Control Panel, but don’t see where they can be changed.

I’ve watched all of the F3 instructional video’s, but somehow haven’t understood the adjustments I need and where to begin!


You don’t say what text you’re referring to in your post. Paragraphs, Headers, something else?

I’m going to assume headers.

Headers responsively size on their own. This is a default of Foundry. This is by design to make things easier on you and to make for a good experience for your visitors.

If you want to override this I personally would advise changing it in the Header tool itself unless you know for certain you’re going to want all headers of a certain tag size to be customized page-wide. Have a read of the Header tool’s documentation page for how to do this.

If you want to do it in Control Center for a page-wide result, there’s also documentation for this on the Control Center’s documentation page as to how to achieve that as well.

I can’t recommend the videos on the Getting Started page enough. Especially the Creating Your First Site videos. If you have not watched them please take some time to do so.