"Scroll to" Group? - feature request

Hello Adam
I like the look of the Button Group.
Any chance of creating a “Scroll To” Group sometime?
(making my own using Scroll to stacks in grids or columns ends up looking a bit clunky.)
Using Button Group and Anchor stacks can achieve the same thing in a way, but without the sleek animations of scroll to.

Hi there @Phloque

That is an interesting request. I wouldn’t be able to add it to either the Button Group or Scroll To stacks. It would require an all new stack, as it would require a different internal structure.

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Me too Adam, looking forward to this function, new stack.

I appreciate the enthusiasm @TINO! It isn’t something I’ve committed to yet though.

Thanks Adam
Interesting for me as very much a non-developer to hear that while a Scroll To Group might look like a Button Group with just a bit of animation thrown in it would be a totally different beast altogether.
As always, appreciate your thoughtful response.

Mainly I wouldn’t want to lump all of that extra animation code (as well the structure for handling destination link anchors and whatnot) into the normal button group since the main use of the Button Group stack is what 90% of people would use. This type of stack falls into a specialist sort of category for me, where I’d rather have it be its own thing.

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You could use the new DooBox Anchor stack to smooth scroll to anchors using the normal Button Group as it works with any link. You can see it working in the Anchor demo page which is a Foundry page.


Give it a shot. Might work. I’d be interested to know though how it interacts with having other stacks on the page like Glide and whatnot as well, as that is part of the reason for building these scrolling anchors into the stack itself instead of the destination anchor stack.

Gave it a shot and anchor works fine with Glide on a pretty complex page with other animations.


Thanks for the tip webdeersign

Thanks again webdeersign
Anchor stack looks good, and is the sort of thing I have been looking for in other contexts.
But how would I use it with Button Group?
Must be more to it than placing Button Group inside the Anchor Stack

Yes good point. So for that scenario you will need to seek out Tsooj’s ScrollTo stack which is the same thing but more powerful in many ways. You add a ScrollTo stack to a page and then all local#href links on the same page will smooth scroll. I have been using this for years and never had an issue with it.

However, Tsooj left the RW community a while ago but announced that S4S will take on the RW business so try Will at S4S.

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Another option that I’ve used is the JumpSpot Stack from Defligra. If you have any type of link to a particular spot on the same page, if this stack is added to that page, the scroll is smooth.


There is a setting where you can adjust how fast or slow of a scroll.

When I checked prior to posting this, whether the stack is still available, I noticed that it is titled on the home page as JumpSport.