Scroll to stack misbehaving

Re This Page
Just wondering if anyone can see why the “Rice Puddings” scroll to button in the left “sidebar” is acting a bit like a scroll down button. The other buttons are acting as they should.

Not quite sure what you mean but the Rice Puddings button smooth scroll to an anchor and this appears to be what the other buttons do too.

As an observation, these same buttons cover the screen on devices smaller than tablets and make the site very difficult to use.

All the Scroll To stacks seem to be working for me here as well. Also, as @webdeersign points out, you have a lot of ‘stickied’ items on that page making the mobile view of things really difficult to use unfortunately. Be sure to load up your page on a mobile device and give it a check and that will let you rework your layout a bit I think.

Thanks for the replies.
I’m having the problem on google chrome. If I click on any of the other buttons in the left sidebar or otherwise scroll down the page, then click on “Rice Puddings”, it does not go to rice puddings but just does a small jump down the page.
Appreciate the feedback on design/layout. I have been struggling to find the best layout for pages on this site, and this page is something of a test. I’d planned to make a separate post to ask the forum for design suggestions.

Have you set an anchor for the Rice Puddings Scroll To stack? Is looks like it is still set to #, but it is tough diagnosing a page using an iPad, and I’m not in the office today. If you’re willing to post a ZIP file containing your project file I can look at it when I can get to the office. This might not be until tomorrow, but if that is OK I can look at it then.