Scrolling List Stack?

I want to display customer comments in a scrolling list stack. The one I currently use is a very old implementation: two comments visible at a time, auto-scrolls one comment at a time (can also be manually advanced). All parameters are adjustable. (see image below). As i am trying to redesign my website to modern standards, is there a stack I could use to display rolling comments? Thanks.

I may misunderstand what you want to do, so…

Most sliders will do something like this. Look at Slider in the main Foundry package.

Weaver’s Space has a vertical slider Totem, that may give an interesting look to this.

As mentioned above, the Foundry native slider will work how I think the one in the image you posted works.

If you scroll down on this project: Home

You will see it. Looks like this…

Hover over the panel on the right (bottom on mobile) and the navigation arrows appear.

That is using the standard Foundry Slider stack inside a column stack. It’s pretty simple to setup.


Thanks Alan & TemplateRepo !

  1. Totem looks really nice, but pricey for what I need.
  2. Slider stack pretty much does it, only horizontally.
  3. I may also place all the comments in a right sidebar (partitions stack), independently scrollable.

Thanks again,