Search pane in Nav Bar Pro

Is there a way to have a live search pane in a Foundry website’s navigation bar? I am using Nav Bar Pro.

Zone 3, Select a search icon in Inspector

Will check for a search element in one of the stacks

I suggest you check out "Live Search" or "Rapid Search live" stacks from realmac website

Thank you, ODAS. This is helpful for creating a link from an icon in the navigation bar to another page dedicated to search.

But what I want to learn is whether a live search can be run from within the navigation bar. So, for example, to use the “Live Search” stack in the navigation bar itself.

No, this nav stack does not have drop zone for another stack.

Thank you—that confirms I wasn’t simply doing something wrong.

Let me rephrase my original question, then: using Foundry and its various stacks, can I cobble together a navigation bar that can take other stacks, and still achieves the nice responsive features of a good navigation bar (like Nav Bar Pro)?

I don’t know the feasibility of this: but might I suggest that a future update to Nav Bar Pro consider having drop zones? (Or a baked-in live search facility?)

Search is not something that will be a part of any of the navigation stacks. Each stack should have its own purpose and the navigation stacks have a clearly defined purpose. As for drop zones in Nav Bar Pro — that’s a bit tougher than you might think. You have a specific thing in mind for your drop zone usage but everyone will be trying to put a variety of things in there and the majority will not work. This causes problems and a huge support load for a niche feature. This is where I have to weigh the usefulness of the feature against the support load and problems it will bring. I’ll think through ideas around this though and see what I come up with. I make no promises of this becoming a feature. If you send me a direct message on the forum letting me know what your use cases for a drop zone are I’ll take a look.