Searching for a Card Tool

Hello Guys, i´m searching for a card tool.
i want to do a site where you can order Post Cards with your own Design.
For symbol: You see the blank Card, you can upload your own design as JPG an after the upload you see the Card with your own design. Has anyone a Idea wich Stack i can use?
Or of stack exist?

Thanks to all for Ideas.

I don’t believe something like that exists. That would be much more than a stack would handle most likely.

You will be right Adam, i Think anyone had a idea or a Tipp for me

@hubertus I’m looking for something like that as well. Sounds like we’ll have to buy some sort of online designer and inject the code into an html stack. @elixirgraphics perhaps you or a developer you know could come up with a stack? By the way, I think we’re looking for something like this Product Designer for PHP Standalone | Lumise by King-Theme | CodeCanyon (choose to view the Front End)

@hubertus and @ASA

Several stacks developers are known to develop custom stacks,
among the would be:

Will Woodgate, a addon developer, Floodthems and Stacks4stacks

Nick Cates, Nick Cates Design

Adam says in Elixir graphics support page being too busy for it.

Sorry, I went off to commercialize but wouldn’t be cool to have new Foundry stack like that? :slight_smile:

What you all are looking for is a pretty complex project, and a bit niche as well. This isn’t a product I personally would be interested in building myself.

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