Sections on mobile

I’m using sections for a “care tips” section of my page with different articles. I have a header at the top of each section. On the desktop it shows up beautifully however on mobile with the center vertically option on it skips the header. Is there a way to have sections start at the top of the section on mobile only?

If you give us an example URL then myself or one of the other awesome RapidWeaver veterans here can perhaps provide some insight for you.

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Thank you sir!

So the first thing I notice is that you have FAR too much content in each section. Sections is meant for a small amount of content in each section.

You’d be much better off using the Mega Menu and its anchor-based navigation items. This is a task they’re really designed for. Check out the Mega Menu tutorial videos on this page in the Mega Menu section: Potion Pack of Addons for Foundry

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This is why I chose Foundry as my platform! Your awesome and I really appreciate your responsiveness. I will swap sections out for Mega Menu.

Worked like a charm! Thank you again for the help.

Not a problem! Most people gravitate to Sections but it is a very specific sort of stack. If you have much content at all the Mega Menu with anchors is going to be way better.