Sections stack not appearing properly in Safari


I am using the sections stack within a page on my website. the sections page has horizontal scrolling in it. It appears and works great in Chrome but on Safari the horizontal arrows do not appear. Is this an issue with safari or am I missing something.

Hi @Kurt — do you have an example URL we can have a look at?

Also, in addition to the URL it would help to have a copy of your project file as well.

Thanks, here is the page

Also, is there a way to send item privately to you?

Hi @Kurt

When I load your page in Safari the horizontal navigation arrows appear for me, as seen below:

Perhaps I’m not understand or we’re seeing different things?

As for sending your project file over – yes, you can do that in a direct message here on the forum. Click the avatar next to this post and then the Message button in the popup. Send it using a link with a service like Dropbox, or something similar. That said, I am seeing the navigation arrows here.