Sections stack: possible bug

I think I have spotted a bug with the Sections stack. I love using keyboard navigation for these types of websites. The up/down keys work fine. But the right/left keys run into a problem.

Specifically I’m looking at:

When I get down to the section on Slides within Sections I run into problems. Using the left only arrow all is fine, but using the right arrow seems to result in “over sliding” by about 80 pixel. And this over sliding gets added to with each right key (80, 160, 240, etc.).

It’s possible it works fine on some machines. I’m using Safari with a 13" MacBook Pro (late 2016).

I’ll give this a look. I’m working on getting v1.0.1 of Potion Pack ready to go out, so this won’t make that update, but I’ll look at it for the next.

Yeah, I see it too on all three major browsers on an iMac. It does seem to be limited to the right arrow, but its not just on sections with slides. The right arrow will open up white space on any of the sections for me.

The bug is easy to replicate here as well. The problem stems from enabling the “Enable Browser Scrollbar” feature. If you turn that off the problem will no longer occur. Delving into fixing it will be a bit of work, as I mentioned, so until that is done you can circumvent the bug by disabling that feature.

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Adam: Thanks! That definitely works. The keyboard nav is more important than reveal right now. I’ll add reveals whenever the bug is fixed but not a deal-breaker at all for me know.