Semantic Alloy/Foundry

What is the best way to make an Alloy blog fully semantic? Does someone have an example I can look at? I don’t own Foundry or Alloy at this time. Semantic is a priority and prerequisite for me. Including Foundry pieces that may need to be added.

In the context of a blog, what does that actually mean?

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Great question. Give this a read. This should be basic on EVERY website whether it is a blog or a single page website.

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Hi, Foundry and Alloy follow these structure guidelines. You can have a look at the sourcecode of e. g. my website/blog Ihre Webseite wirkt chaotisch und unprofessionell? and see the structure…


Hey Jan, thank you for the link. Unfortunately this is not what I am looking for. I really do appreciate the help though. :grinning:

As @Fuellemann points out, Alloy generates semantic HTML markup already, using the proper tags for the appropriate elements of the blog entries. You don’t need to do anything but provide the content in your blog entries.

You can add further markup within each post if you like — additional headers, links, etc — using the Editor as you write your posts, but the basic semantic markup structure is created by Alloy already.