SEO Alloy - Google Ranking


I just had a quick question around Alloy.

I’ve started using this for my blog on my website and am so happy with how great it looks.

I’m just wondering in terms of SEO - as the pages for each post utilise an ID - does this mean they aren’t actual individual pages (i.e. they’re retrieved from within the main page)? Does this have any affect on Google ranking these blog articles?

I ask as I’m partly relying on people finding my blog posts on Google when they search for content around what I’m writing about so they then visit my wider website gain potential clients.

Google visits each link on the page, unless you otherwise specify. It will traverse all of the links on your main blog summary page and visit each individual blog post. In fact we provide extra data in the form of meta tags on each individual blog page for search engines.


Quick question on this old post.

Given the information you’ve provided, I would expect my google analytics dashboard to show the articles accessed, yet I only see the top level blog page in my statistics.

I do see a page tagged as “not set.” is this something I need to manual correct with Alloy? Are these the posts?

Alloy is one page that loads all content dynamically. Unless you’ve split out your analytics code somehow and added separate code in the blog posts themselves, then your GA code is only going to report it as one page I would think. I’m not a Google Analytics user so I have no idea what is possible or not.

okay, thank you… I’m new to this too… I have some google code on the site.

Ideally I’d be able to see what post receives the most engagement, I’ve just set up googles search console… curious if that will isolate the data by blog slug or not.

If you have integrated the Google Analytics tag correctly - it should work!

Lol insightful. I’m going to guess that since it’s not a url redirect it doesn’t care. Still researching.

Anyone got evidence this works with Alloy?

It works. The pages appear.

Okay… learning more by the day here. Looks like Googles Search Console isn’t indexing Alloy pages at all. Previously I was seeing page interactions via Analytics, with the associated google script on the site.

As I’m learning, I’ve found Google’s search console isn’t drilling down on Alloy pages.

Created a Upwork project if someone out there has experience they can share.