Server 500 error - PHP log shows the following

Hi Adam,

Currently running Alloy 3.1 and I’m getting a Server 500 error both with the editor page and the blog page.

Place PHP logs on, and it’s stating an error on one line of the code.

(line 2398: **echo '<div class="col-xs-12 col-md-7 col-lg-9 equal-height-columns" data-mh="equal-height">';**)

webpage is:

Logged a ticket with Chillidog, and they’ve asked to check PHP version, which hasn’t changed and is 7.2

Any inisghts would be great?


You’ll need to email me a ZIP file containing your project file and your php files from you Editor and Blog pages please. You can send the whole site’s uploaded files if you like and it is easier for you. You can send the ZIP file to adam at elixirgraphics dot com

If the file is over 3-4mb you’ll need to use We Transfer or something similar to send it.

If you can include you php error log file too that’s be appreciated.

All on the way Adam,

Thanks again

Got it. Downloading your project now.

Looked at your error log. There were no errors present. There was one warning that was repeated throughout, but no errors. This notice warning should not stop the execution of the code on the page.

I’ve published your project file, as-is on my server:

The only thing I changed was the publishing settings to point it to my server instead of yours.

I’m using PHP v7.3 on that server currently, but v7.2 should work fine as well.

Thanks Adam. Really don’t know what’s causing this. I’ll throw it back to Chillidog and see what they think?

Email me when you hear back. Perhaps it is something specific to your server or something else.

Hi Adam, apparently there was an issue with folder permissions on the server. They’ve fixed it and all in the world is good again!

Thanks as always for your amazing support and products!

The beers are mounting up in the UK for you!!:joy:

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Glad they got your hosting sorted out for you. :+1: