Several Hero banners

Hi all,

I would like to create a page with several stacks, each stack filling the entire browser window.
I tried using several Hero banners, unfortunately they appear in reverse order. Is this is a bug ? How can I create a page with several stacks each one filling the entire browser window…



Hi @beretrouge – What you’re seeing isn’t a bug. A hero banner is placed at the top of the page and goes from the top of the browser to the bottom. Placing multiples on a page simply makes one overlap another. What you’re looking to do wouldn’t be done using banners. You would need a specific style stack to do what you’re in the market for. Such a stack is on the roadmap for Foundry though in the future.

I know this won’t do what you want exactly, but using the Jumbotron stacks works very nicely for much of what you want: full width of browser. Unfortunately they can come close to filling the whole height but it will be a bit hit or miss depending on browser, etc. But until Adam releases his future stack this may be the best compromise situation using the default Foundry stacks.

Others who visit use several stacks from other developers: and maybe one of those stacks will work well for your purposes. But I’m not sure which will, so hopefully more savvy people can chime in.

Thank you ! I want to be able to create with Foundry this kind of page :screens
Is this stack usable with Foundery or is there another one ? If not I’ll wait for your new stack.

Buy the way bravo for your work, Foundery is awesome.


Thanks for your answer

I don’t own Screens so I can’t give you 100% affirmation that it works within Foundry, but it should, as most third-party stacks work fine within Foundry.

You can use BWD SectionsPro for this (and so much more).

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Bingo: that’s it exactly. I wasn’t remembering the name. It’s also a free stack though donations are appreciated. More here:

and here:

I will try this stack. Thanks to all.

You’re right after experimenting with Jumbotron and Sections Pro, Jumbotron works very nicely, I hope Adam add an option to the Jumbotron stack : fill the full height of the window.
Another request should be to have an option to access Jumbotron item from menu navigation bar.
Section pro seams to be very powerful but not easy to understand.
Thanks to all.

As I said there’s something in the works that fits what you are looking for I think. :grinning:


Foundry offers so many possibilities I have found myself restricting my choices to Foundry stacks just so I get to know the system inside out. The only exceptions I’ve made are:

  • Poster stack: a brilliant stack for blogs that plays beautifully with Foundry
  • Gallery stack: a great gallery stack that plays well with Poster that plays well with Foundry :slight_smile:
  • a couple different audio stacks (one for playlists, one for single audio): there’s no Foundry equivalent

And since you now know Adam will be adding a new stack (or extending the feature set of the Jumbotron) then I’d suggest you make the best of the Jumbotron stack for now, then adapt when the new stack comes out later.

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