Shift stack scrolling off screen

I’m using the Shift stack on a staging site and, for the first two slides, you can see a scroll bar where the image from the 3rd slide can be seen (see screenshots below). Once the 3rd slide comes into view, the scrollbar disappears.

I’ve tried putting the shift stack in a container as well as on it’s own and the issue remains with both.

It’s a staging site so I can’t share the URL publicly but can provide it in a private message, but thought others may have experienced this before.

I also found this when looking in the browser inspector. If I toggle the “overflow:visible” setting, the problem goes away, but I don’t know how to change that in the Shift stack.

Share your project file with me and I can look at it when I am back in the office in the morning.

Sounds good, will do.

One thought while still here one my phone — Do you have a Container stack inside Shift? If so remove it (it isn’t needed)

Nope, doesn’t look like it.
I’ve just sent a stripped-down version for you to look at.


Have you scrolled right to see what is overflowing?

Maybe try putting the Shift stack in a container stack and turning off overflow?

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@jabostick Turn the drop shadow on the Backdrop stack(s) off. Unfortunately since Stacks adds overflow: hidden; to all stacks, in order to put certain drop shadows on stacks we have to turn off overflow, making it visible for the stack and its parent stacks. This is what is causing your problem in Shift. Shift hides the overflow for the slider, but Backdrop’s shadow feature is making that overflow visible.

There seems to be something funky in Edit Mode going on, too, but I don’t think this is related to your problem. I’m going to look at it though. I’ll also look to see if I can’t force Shift into protecting its own overflow setting.


Thanks. I had tried that as well to no avail. Looks like Adam has figured it out though

An update with this adjustment will go out today.


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