Should I Delete Foundry 2 Stacks?

I do not have any Foundry 2 files. Going forward I will use Foundry 3. Can I safely delete all Foundry 2 stacks? It’s confusing not being sure which version some of them belong to!

Same question for Alloy, Potion Pack, etc…Don’t seem to work with Foundry 3…


Personally I would not remove your Foundry 2 tools from the Library. You never know when you might need to work on an old project file. They co-exist side-by-side in Stacks with no problem whatsoever.

You can sort them out with a simple search in the library. Search for F3 and you’ll find all of the Foundry 3 tools. And if you search for F2 you’ll show all of the Foundry 2 tools. Viola!

Additionally you can make Smart Folders in Stacks 5 as well.

Alloy works fine with Foundry 3. See this post:

Potion and Thunder, while they don’t work with Foundry 3, you may need them for older projects you still have to work on at some point. They’re not going to hurt anything.


New Foundry 3 Quick Tip blog post about “Navigating your Stacks Library & creating Smart Folders” is live:

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For what it’s worth (since you can’t display folder labels in Stacks) the icons I use to distinguish are the ‘Angellist’ which is a peace sign (i.e. Two fingers) for Foundry 2 and then either a Gavel (sort of looks like the Foundry hammer) or the Foursquare logo (an F) for F3.

Makes it easy for me to distinguish

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Ha! I like it. I currently use wrenches, since there wasn’t a proper hammer in the options. But gavel is pretty close. I color one orange for Foundry 2 (that was the color of the older icon) and purple for Foundry 3, since the Foundry 3 Control Center is purple.

I also dragged them up to the top above the main library icon so that Foundry 3 comes up by default for me.

Just to clarify, are there any Potion or Thunder stacks, besides Img. Compare, whose functionality didn’t make it over to F3 in some form or another?

No. F3 is new from the ground up and none of F2 stacks are compatible. It’s in the FAQ of Foundry.


Several tools have not come over from the addon packs. One that people have asked about that is not included in Foundry 3, and is mentioned in the forum FAQ, is Motion. If you’re inquiring about specific tools you can create a new post on that topic, or shoot me a direct message with the inquiry and I’d also be glad to help out. But I’m going to close this thread since we’ve veered off of the original topic.