Show and hide a stack based on a text link

I’m brand new and can’t seem to find a solution to something I would like to do. I want to hide and replace a view from a text link. The best way to describe what I would like to do is by going to

Work – Hufft.


I don’t believe I understand what you’re trying to do. You’re trying to hide a stack based on the text in the stack? This doesn’t make much sense to me unfortunately. Perhaps you can explain it in much deep detail. Going to the link didn’t do anything to help explain it for me unfortunately.

Hi. First thank-you for responding so quickly. If you go to the link it will do more to show you what I would like to do than me trying to describe it. If you see in the grey section it shows the text “ALL COMMERCIAL INSTITUTIONAL RESIDENTIAL OBECTS” If you click on one of those items it switches out the images being shown below.

Does that make sense?

Thank-you again for such a quick reply and I’m really enjoying using your stacks that save so much time.

I’m only able to view on my phone right now, but those look like fairly simple tabs. Try the Foundry Tabs stack.

Thank-you I will check out the Tabs stack now and see if that lets me do what I want.

I suspect you are wanting to sort the information – items on the page – based of of criteria. The Sort stack allows this, but it is not made to be a navigational element like on that page.

Hi. Thanks to both of you for the quick answers. The TABs Stack doesn’t give me quite the customization that I was looking for in regards to the tabs themselves.

Thanks again