Shutter compatible with Srcerer and warehoused images?

I’m looking for a photo-gallery stack that has all the features of Elixir’s Shutter stack, to use in a photo-intensive aviation website. Page-load times are important to me, so I use the “Shaking the Habitual” Srcerer stack and warehoused images extensively, amongst other strategies.

Shutter’s documentation is silent on compatibility, thus, before I buy Shutter I seek answers to three questions:

  • Is Elixir’s Shutter compatible with Srcerer and warehoused images?
  • Will Shutter cooperate with Foundation 6 running on RW 8?
  • Does Shutter support running self-hosted videos?

Form follows function…so if it comes down to beautiful presentations vs short page-loads, I’ll take the latter.

Thanks for your advice!

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Hi @SZPflyer

I’m not sure what you mean here. The product page lists its compatibility, as seen here:

Additionally the documentation page lists all of its settings and controls.

To touch on your specific questions:

Never heard of Srcerer until now. I’ll have to look that one up. As for “warehoused” images – you can use batch processing with Shutter, as outlined in the product and documentation pages. These are folders of images you self-maintain on your server. There’s even tutorial videos on the documentation page specifically about this topic.

Everything I make runs in RapidWeaver 8 or Classic. Shutter should work in just about any theme or framework.

No. As stated in the documentation and on the product page it allows for YouTube and Vimeo embeds.