Shutter functionality

Hey there,
I’m not sure, if this is the right place to ask question around one of your products, but I couldn’t find any other possibilities to contact elixir.
This is about a functionality I’m looking for.

Here is the scenario:
A photographer is taking photos at a client event.
To show the photos to the client, the photographer is putting the 2000+ photos in an online gallery like Shutter.
The client doesn’t want all the 2000+ photos. He wants to select a few, lets say 50, that he wants the photographer to do some postproduction on.

Here come the functionality I’m looking for:
Is there an option for the client to mark, comment his favorites, so that the photographer get’s maybe a (work-) list of the selected photos?

Does Shutter work in F6?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi Harry,

I’m also a photographer, and there’s no stacks for Rapidweaver that have this specific functionality. Every gallery stack I’ve found is display only. It could possibly be cobbled together with a number of stacks, but it would be hellishly complex, and operating it would be a 100% manual process - better to use a service like Pixieset, or tethering software, such as Capture One, with the live functionality.

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