Shutter not displaying a light box

I’ve been trying to implement a gallery to my website using the Shutter Stack.

The server is running PHP 8.0

I have a local test webserver that this gallery works as expected. However when I post the files from one of the gallery folders to the server on the web there is a problem. The gallery display works, but when clicking on an image it only brings up a single image. No black background or controls.

Any suggestions how to rectify this?

Don’t know if it is related but I get a stack of 404 errors on your page when trying to load components from the Rapidweaver rw_common folder including all the CSS and java scripts.


Thanks for that. This was just one folder that I put up into my current website, and now that you pointed it out I’m sure that some of the components required are not there. I’ll explore more.

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